Cambridge English Exams


Practice tests for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination, Book 1, consists of six complete tests, which follow the style and format of the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination.


  • A wide range of authentic material which reflects the variety used in the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination
  • A table including information on the layout of each paper
  • Vocabulary definitions for Paper 1, Part 1
  • Visual material for speaking practice
  • Sample answer sheets
  • Full-length exam standard CDs including instructions
  • Tests which have been pre-tested by students


Student’s Book
Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-960-573-441-1
Teacher’s Book
Teacher’s Book
ISBN: 978-960-573-442-8
Class CDs
Class CDs
ISBN: 978-960-573-438-1


# Kitap Adı ISBN
1 Student’s Book 978-960-573-441-1
2 Teacher’s Book 978-960-573-442-8
3 Class CDs 978-960-573-438-1